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Retrofitting and upgrading your Parker River N10 by Jack Gannon: N10 Frequently Asked Questions


If you need an estimate for a repair to your N10 (or other dinghy) or  would like to upgrade/customize your N10 for racing please contact Jack Gannon.


2019 boat and parts pricing (MA Sales Tax where Applicable)

New N10 Base Boat    $5,400

Spinnaker Hardware (optional)    $200

Main Sail    $600

Spinnaker    $490

N10 Boat Cover   $365   (see details below)


Common Replacement Parts:

To order, or if  you need a part not mentioned below, please contact Jack Gannon.

N-10 Rigged Aluminum Mast   $650

N-10 Mast without Wire Rigging   $375

N-10 Rigged Aluminum Boom   $380

N-10 Aluminum Boom with GN/unrigged   $250

Replacement shroud/ w turnbuckle   $55

Flotation Logs   $135/set

Spinnaker pole   $90

Hiking Straps   $45/set

SS Centerboard blank   $250

Spinnaker Hardware Kit includes pole   $240

Tiller Extension   $48

N-10 Mahogany glassed rudder/tiller   $275

N10 Glassed Rudder


N10  Boat Cover



Full deck over-boom cover made from 100% acrylic fiber silicone coated for water repellency and resistance to rot, mildew, shrinking, fading, or stiffening.  Features  a heavy duty nylon zipper running from mast to sidestay and a UV protective flap that snaps over zipper.  Stand up mast collar with drawcord closure.  Flaps snap around stays to protect chain plates from water seepage and protect deck from UV discoloration.  Cover fits with 5/16″ shock cord in hem for overnight use and has tie-down points for long term storage and trailing.  Reinforcements at gooseneck, mast collar, end of boom, and back corners ensure durability and the front vent encourages air circulation under the cover.   Custom designed for the N10 and available from  J.G Marine.


   N10 Dolly

MSRP  $495

Dynamic logo


Designed specifically for the N10, Dynamic Dollies and Racks brings the latest in design and materials – notable  features include wheels with ball bearings, tie-down eyelets on key parts, injection molded glass-reinforced plastic joints, and a 3″ non-stretch polyester sling.  Perfect for moving your N10 around your yard and club.  Available only from Dynamic Dollies. For more information click on the Dynamic Dollies logo.