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 N10 for sale.  Sail 4223

(posted 6/16/17) Great boat.  Includes trailer, all rigging, spinnaker, paddle, pump, and new floatations this year!   Located in Winchester.  See pics below and call Peter at 617-304-1216 or email

20170611_143834 20170611_143852 20170611_143908


N10 for sale.   “Traveler” sail 4229
(Posted 5/22/17)  Great boat – includes everyday sail, racing sail and spinnaker.   Trailer included.   Price: $1500.00  All maintenance done by Jack Gannon.  Contact Marty at

4229b 4229a 4187



N10 for sale.  “Patience”  sail 4155

(Posted 5/21/17)  We have an N-10 for sale and we live right across the street from the Winchester Boat Club. The boat has been garaged since we first bought it.   We don’t have a trailer or a spinnaker. The boat is in good condition and all four of our boys learned to sail with it on the Mystic Lakes.   We are selling it for $1000 or best offer.  Call Chris at 617-510-0866 or email at



N10 for sale.  Sail 4151

(Posted 5/21/17)  We are selling our N10, Sail No. 4151.  Flotation is one year old.  Sailed in 2016 season, all in working order.  Asking price is $1,500.  If you have any questions or need any additional information, please let us know. We can be reached at (617) 846-1442 or by email ( or

4155 (2)



N10 for Sale.  Sail #4187

(Posted 5/21/17)  Terrific boat in very good condition.  It’s been garaged for a few years, but it was completely overhauled by N10 builder Jack Gannon when we bought it used in 2011.   We replaced the mast, sail, tiller and the flotation foam at this time; it may need a new shroud but otherwise it is ready to sail.  It is a trim boat in very good shape.   We also have a trailer available for $300.   The trailer needs some wiring work on one of the lights, but is otherwise in good shape.   For more info, contact Donna at 617-489-5446 (home) or 617-797-1365 (cell) or











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