2019 Calendar






July 11-12           Hingham Bay Junior Regatta, -at Hingham Yacht Club

July 15                 N10 Juniors Regatta, -at Winchester Boat Club  *Aged lowered to 11 this year only.

July 16-17           N10 N.E. Open, -at Medford Boat Club

July 17                 MBC Glow Stick Regatta, -at Medford Boat Club

July 18-19           Scorpion Bowl, -at Hull Yacht Club

July 18-21           Quincy Bay Race Week, -at Quincy Yacht Club

July 27-28            Lipton Cup, -at Squantum Yacht Club

July 31-Aug 1      N10 Midgets, -at Cottage Park YC

August 3-4           25th! Make-A-Wish, -at Cottage Park Yacht Club







Other Dates TBD/Unkown

Birch Cotter, Lincoln Maritime Center

Town River, Town River Yach Club

Traverse ALS Regatta, Medford Boat Club


  * The N10 Midgets, N10 Open, & N10 Junors are N10 sanctioned regattas